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Seeking a Witness

The present methods available to accident victims to locate witnesses are flawed. Typically, an aggrieved accident victim seeking witnesses will have to rely on the following options:

  • Placing an advertisement for witnesses in the newspapers
  • Hiring a private investigator
  • Distributing flyers at the accident site
  • Using social media to seek witnesses

The first three options are expensive, or labour-intensive. Accident victims who attempt to find witnesses through social media may be harassed by unscrupulous individuals. None of the options are ideal.

The FindWitness search service is provided at no cost. Submitting a request for evidence is free. A fee is required to receive information once a search request has been successfully matched with a witness, and the requester has the discretion to decide whether the information provided by the witnesses is useful and worth the required fee.

Submissions are accepted for ALL Accidents

In cases of minor accidents, Witnesses may feel less compelled to come forward. However, where facts are in dispute, a proper account of the accident is critical to the innocent party.

As such, please submit all the information you have, however insignificant it may seem. The whole process will only take you two minutes to complete, and you may be able to make a huge difference with your submission.