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Help Others through FindWitness

Take a video of the accident scene. Make sure to include material details

Submit the video by uploading it to FINDWITNESS.SG

Protect yourself or others and be rewarded!


Connecting Accident Victims with Witnesses

If your submitted video matches a request for evidence from an accident victim, you may receive a cash reward. (Photographs will not be accepted) The amount you will receive is determined by the usefulness of the material provided to the assisted victim.

If you use our App or our website to capture videos to submit, you can double your reward. Videos should comprise of a slow panning shot across the accident scene and should be no longer than 60 seconds in length. After submitting your video, call us as soon as possible, and no later than 48 hours, to claim your reward, which may range from $500 -$2500.


Material Details to Capture in your Video

Below list is not exhaustive! Try to include as many material details as possible of the surrounding accident scene in your videos.

Fall from Heights
  • Work area from which the accident victim fell
  • Safety equipment and/or anchorage points
  • Any work platforms used by the victim (scaffolds, ladders, etc.)
Slips or Trips
  • The immediate area where the accident took place
  • Any slipping or tripping hazards in the immediate area
Injuries caused by Tools or Machinery
  • The tool or machine used by the accident victim
  • The workbench or area in which the accident victim was working or operating the machine
Forklift related Accidents
  • The immediate surroundings where the accident took place, including any potential blind spots
  • Surface of road, path or floor used by Forklift
Injuries caused by Dangerous Machinery
  • The machine used by the accident victim
  • The task the victim was working on at the time of the accident
  • Any safeguards installed to protect machine users